Holidays Vs. Politics

it's called a WHAT?


 Merry Christmas!!  Or should I say Happy holidays. How about have a nice shopping season? What’s the latest politically correct way to express the season? Who knows-it changes by the minute by whoever is the latest idiot to find offense in someone’s cheer and make a stink about it.  

 Have a tree this year? That’s also incorrect according to some. A real tree is wasteful killing of a living thing. An artificial tree is a waste of the planet’s already depleted resources. But if you have a tree, what does one call it? I’m no longer sure. Every time I open the paper or watch the news I hear something else and it takes me a while to figure out what the hell they’re talking about. I’ve always known it as a christmas tree, but then it turned into a holiday tree, then a holiday icon, season tree, season icon, and so forth. What’s next? Maybe an “Incandescent biological effigy to seasonal economic excess”? Sort of takes the fun out, doesn’t it?  

 So what have we come to? A society that tries to please everyone while celebrating a holiday that doesn’t even apply to a great many people being a Christian based event. While I’m not Christian, I still celebrate the holiday for many reasons-being the ideal of the spirit of giving and generosity is something I believe in, and that the holiday is based on the much older holiday of Yule that I do celebrate. This takes me into the subject of religious history which is another topic I will get into at some other time as it’s something I have studied pretty extensively and have some hard feelings towards.  

 There are many good old traditions that have pretty much fallen to the wayside over the years such as going caroling around the neighborhood, sleigh rides through the snow, and the burning of the Yule log among others. So I say lets open our eyes and our hearts to the spirit of the holiday and not let some grinches bleed that away too. So I say “Have a Merry Christmas and Good Will to All” !!


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