Hello everyone. If you’re reading this I assume (and yes, I know where assume falls in the dictionary-lol) you are tired of being duped into believing something and then getting knocked flat when you discover the ruse, or you have concerns about something and you came looking for some answers, or maybe just curiosity.
 This blog is my way of pointing out injustices, wrongs, misperceptions, or just plain BS that effects everyday people. Nothing is sacred here-I’ll talk about fishy government programs, local and national politics, religion, stupid laws, stupid people, family life and whatever else comes to mind. I have seen and experienced a lot of crap in this world and I would like everyone to wake up and smell the coffee.
 I am from the Southeast Wisconsin area, so I will have more things concerning this area than others, but my topics will affect most everyone in some way. Hope you enjoy and feel free to post your feedback-I’m looking  foreward to hearing from you!


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