Discipline and society

You know about all the stories in the news-you know the ones: “16 year old kills 6 at family event”, “12 year old steals car and leads police on high speed chase”, and the list goes on….and on….and on. It’s become an everyday event that hardly ever makes the news anymore.
What the hell is going on??!!
The government “know-it-alls” keep spewing the same crap. It’s the “collapse of family values”, it’s “poverty and a depressed society”, it’s “parents not taking an active part in their children’s lives”, and more excuses. Yet, the same government passes laws to “protect” children from purported “abuse” such as excessive discipline.
In most places it is now illegal to spank your child. Your out of control two year old keep knocking expensive glass items off shelves in the store, then throws a temper tantrum when you try to intercede. What can you do, swat them on the bottom? That can swiftly end with you in jail charged with child abuse, and your child(ren) taken away and put into the foster care system. How about yelling? That’s also a no no. Thats considered verbal abuse, with the same possible result. How about those seatbelt restraints in some shopping carts? Well, if your kid is a typical 2 year old, they will escape that faster than Houdini.
So what can you do? Well, the “experts” advise things like “timeouts”. Like that does any good. Try giving a small child a timeout in a store crowded with interesting stuff as well as other people. Since when did stores start providing timeout areas? THEY DON’T! Do you have another 2 hours you dont know what to do with till the child calms down? Probably not! The only options left is to 1) try to hush the kid with your hand and run away-quickly, and 2) give in to the kids demands and “bribe” them with something to keep them occupied. Most people opt for number 2.
What does this accomplish? A spoiled kid who learns that with enough bad behavior they will be rewarded. This translates later to worse behavior and bigger rewards. Kids learn no discipline or values. They learn eventually that if they want something to just take it. It’s not worth the trouble for someone to fight them to get it back. Then what have you got? Another generation of juvenile delinquents, growing up into being full fledged criminals. Go figure


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